Tuesday, October 26, 2010

rock the dress: melissa (part 2)

interested in doing a rock the dress session? here are some tips from our bride, melissa:

1. enjoy yourself! RELAX, have fun, connect with your photographer and just celebrate the joy of your recent marriage.

2. channel your inner diva! this is one of the only opportunities you will ever have to be a model, so play around with different facial expressions and poses. throw your inhibitions to the wind and take some risks.

3. don't obsess about looking perfect or over analyzing shots. trust that your photographer is a pro and he/she will get plenty of beautiful shots. being yourself, just a touch sassier, is the key to a successful shoot (in my opinion)!

4. love your dress! try to capture every beautiful detail and angle of your dress and just enjoy being in it this one last time. if your dress is hot, heavy, itchy, tight, whatever! ...put those thoughts aside. if you exude love for your dress, your pics will undoubtedly be stunning!

5. during the shoot, allow yourself to relive all of the memories, emotions and joy of your wedding day. view your shoot as an extension or further celebration of your wedding, your love and the start of your new life!

much thanks to melissa and dawn sparks photography!


  1. Great post! I think every bride wants to really "rock the dress" and have lasting images of her looking fabulous and drop dead gorgeous on her wedding day. One big secret of rocking the dress is looking, feeling and actually being a Bombshell on your wedding day! I love showing brides how to embody the vision of being a Bombshell Bride-to-Be!

  2. Hi Katie: thanks for your tips! I totally agree on being a bombshell bride! :)