Tuesday, October 26, 2010

rock the dress: melissa

that's right~ melissa is still my stylish bride of the week. this week melissa is kind enough to share not only some of her rock the dress pictures, but also some tips for those interested in taking post wedding pictures. melissa wanted to take a few glamorous and sassy pictures in her wedding dress after her wedding. she decided to take the pictures without derek because derek hates being photographed and the wedding day was more than enough for him. also, they had asked their photographer to focus on couple shots at their wedding so she needed more pics of her in her beautiful dress.

melissa: "i considered several photographers for the shoot, but decided to go with dawn sparks to have a fresh, unique perspective from my wedding day.  i figured this would give me a wide variety of shots and styles for my ever-expanding wedding picture collection!  since i chose a different photographer and wasn't looking to simply mimic my wedding day, i decided to go different in every aspect. i wore my hair down and curly, rather than the low chignon from my wedding day, i did my own make-up and went a little more dramatic with the colors, and I decided to go for more of an urban and architectural feel than all of the nature pics I have from my wedding or e-pics.  dawn and  i wandered around downtown denver and had a great time!  the pillars at cheesman park almost look as if we were in rome or something :)"

check back later for rock the dress tips from melissa.

photographs by dawn sparks photography.

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