Sunday, February 16, 2014

in my rotation: boots

sam edelman lisle | sam edelman salina 2 | sam edelman tara

now that the weather is getting a little milder again, my sam edelman ankle boots are back in high rotation. i love them so much (they are so comfortable, neutral and stylish enough for work and play), i am thinking of buying a second pair of each to wear next year considering that lisle and salina are on sale at last call (neiman marcus) now. tara are on sale at, but they do not have my size (this is the second winter for my tara). maybe i should buy them in different colors... i always wanted a pair of burgundy lisle. or maybe i should just wait for next year...

have a great week ahead!


  1. The tara ones are perfection! You have a great selection.

  2. I went to check them out but they didn't have my size :(

    1. Faith: oh, no! bummer! did you try to find them elsewhere? i think they are from fall 2012. i hope sam edelman would have similar ones next year.